Tuesday, June 08, 2004

Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban

Dark, gloomy, more grown-up, but the usual Harry Potter fun. I saw it the first day it was released and I enjoyed the movie. No, I am not a Potter fan, I've not read even one book. However, you've got to appreciate the imagination of the writer (J K Rowling) and the way the director and the script-writer have brought the book to the big screen.

The Dementors (or whatever they're called) reminded me of the Nazgul in The Lord of The Rings. I think I read somewhere that Rowling was influenced by J R R Tolkien. I guess he's influenced a bunch of fantasy writers.

The movie was pure fun from start to finish and you'd have to be really critical to say that it wasn't an enjoyable movie. Entertainment, in whatever genre, if it is good, people will buy books and go to movies. A lesson worth remembering for all those copy-cats out there.


At 12:41 pm, Blogger Hasmita said...


It was interesting (and good for the script writer of the film) to know that you enjoyed the film without having read the book, because the book has much more detail that I was disappointed not to see in the movie. Most Potter readers (including me) think that this book, Book 3, was the best of the lot, but I enjoyed Book 5 thoroughly as well.

You must read Rowling! Even if it is just to have your own opinion of her writing. Then we can swap opinions ;)



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