Tuesday, June 15, 2004

Ants and the man

I've always been fascinated by ants. They're nifty creatures and they stock food, they work real hard and they live in a tribe (see the movie Antz, if you don't believe me).

I don't know for sure if ants plan their daily work and distribute their workload among each other but they seem pretty organised to me. I only have to leave some food out in the open to have ants swarming all over it in a few hours. I wonder if there are reconnaissance ants that fly over the landscape looking for food that can be "captured".

What I love about ants is their teamwork. They work as a team and they are all team players, at least the ones that I've seen. There's no showboating or going solo and they seem to work for a common aim.

There's something to be learnt in that.


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