Wednesday, June 23, 2004

Writing Newsletters

I'm often asked where a writer can find markets. Here are a list of sites that publish (electronic) newsletters, where you can find markets.

Moira Allen's Writing World is by far the best site I've found on writing. You can sign up for a monthly newsletter on the site. Check out the Getting Started section if you're just, well, getting started.

Jenna Glatzer's Absolute Write is another good site, which has a couple of newsletters that you can subscribe to.

Angela Hoy's Writers Weekly is a comprehensive newsletter with markets and warnings and success stories. I'd signed up for this a long time ago and I got a nice free e-book, but I don't know if that's still available.

Hope Clark's Funds For Writers has a couple of newsletters in which she gives loads of markets.

Writing For Dollars has a newsletter that gives you markets.

Worldwide Freelance is another site which has a newsletter for markets.

Busy Freelancer is also another newsletter that has writing related information and markets.

Writing Etc has writing-related articles and markets.

Mridu Khullar's Writer's Crossing is a site that has a writing-related newsletter and a market newsletter.

Spicy Green Iguana has a lot of Speculative (Spec) fiction-related markets.

Ralan's Web Extravaganza is a great site for Spec Fiction and Humor markets.

You can find more links for writers at this site.


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