Friday, May 20, 2005

Revenge of the Sith

When you know that Anakin Skywalker is going to turn to the dark side of the force and become Dath Vader, you know that the movie has to be interesting and this one doesn't disappoint. Finally, George Lucas has made a movie (prequel) that makes you want to watch the original Star Wars trilogy.

This movie has a lot of action, a lot of drama, and some sappy romance, which we could've done without. There's a certain sadness you feel (along with Obi-Wan) when Anakin turns over to the dark side, though you know it's coming. You'll also never root for a villain the way you do when Anakin finally puts on the costume that makes him Dath Vader. That scene gave me goose bumps and a few people in the theatre clapped and whistled. There are a few lightsaber fight sequences to keep die-hard fans happy; I liked the one between Yoda and the Dark Lord the best. It's quite something to see Yoda do a bit of fighting, showing that he's no pushover.

Overall, I think this movie is by far the best of the three prequels. However, it doesn't recapture the magic of the original Star Wars trilogy. To be fair to Lucas, a movie like The Empire Strikes Back is hard to live up to. He does redeem himself in this movie though and it is enjoyable (though slow at times) and fun to watch.

A far cry from Attack of the Clones.


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Darth Vader (the 'r' is missing)


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