Thursday, May 19, 2005

The Stupidity of Worrying About Piracy

John Scalzi, author of the book Old Man's War, has written an interesting article/post about why writers shouldn't bother too much about piracy, especially the kind. He writes:
The quick and obvious answer to this -- if one is paranoid about piracy -- is that in a brick and mortar store, someone can't take a screen capture of your book, run it through software and make a readable text file of your book that they then post on Kazaa, arrrrrr, for all their scurvy friends to read for free. And the answer to this is: Well, jeez, people. As if that very same would be pirate couldn't check out my book from the library and do the same damn thing with a scanner. I'm not terribly convinced that doing a screen capture of every single page of my book on Amazon is any less work than scanning in every single page of a print copy.
If you liked that, then go read the full piece. Thanks to Angela at for the link.


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