Monday, December 26, 2005

InformIT on Internet basics

InformIT ( is a site for IT-related stuff, run by Pearson Education, a publisher. They let you read sample chapters from books for free. I've found some useful stuff there.

Here's a clipping from a sample chapter:
Much of the trepidation regarding the computer world comes from the fact that many people don’t understand the highly technical terminology associated with computers. In most cases, a person doesn’t have to understand complex jargon to work with a computer, but every now and then some necessary geek-speak creeps in. This is the case with Internet addresses, which are also called uniform resource locators, or URLs for short. The Internet is a treasure chest of information. As a -user, you must have a key to unlock this high-tech chest. URLs are one of the keys. The sooner you understand URLs, the faster you can open that treasure chest and begin enjoying the riches of the Internet.

To read more, go to: The Language of the Internet for Beginners


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