Saturday, January 07, 2006

AdWords on TV?

Remember the scene in Minority Report where a certain superstar (who jumps on couches) character is walking in a mall and his eyes are scanned, and then personalised ads are shown to him, some even naming him?

Remember a certain company which has ads that "match" what you're looking for in searches or in the content of your email?

Robert Cringely thinks that Google might be up to something similar on TV:
Google imagines a world where only single people see ads, and people who can't drive see ads from taxi companies where others see Toyota campaigns. Where fraternities see ads for strip clubs, beer, Cancun weekends and LSAT prep courses, and only seniors (and their adult children) see ads for Alzheimer's drugs. What would be the value of that increased efficiency, capitalized into present dollars? Ten billion? Fifty billion? I say the value is $100 billion -- 25 percent of the total U.S. advertising market and 15 times Google's current size.

Read the full article (A Commercial Runs Through It) it's fascinating.


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