Thursday, July 01, 2004


I realise it's a bit late to be posting a review of a movie that was released quite a few months ago but this movie released in India just this past week, so bear with me.

I was shocked by Monster. The dark, sombre mood is almost depressing and Charlize Theron with some makeup that makes her look unappealing doesn't help. Charlize Theron is the strength of the movie and gives a superb performance as ther serial killing prostitute. She brings out the confusion, the anger at men, the love for her lesbian companion (Christina Ricci) in a way that makes you empathise with her character. You almost don't think about her victims in the movie, except for fleeting moments. I think that's the only thing I could find wrong with the movie, that the victims didn't appear sympathetic.

Otherwise, the movie captures the person behind the serial killer beautifully and leaves you emotionally drained at the end. Like The Accused which gave a different take on rape, this movie gives you a perspective from the serial killer's side.

The point of it all--Oh, I am not sure, maybe that she was vulnerable and yet capable of such horror. Worth a watch though, if you don't mind dark movies.


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