Wednesday, November 24, 2004

Opera! The browser from Norway

Been a while since I last posted. It just struck me as odd that I use a browser all day and I've not mentioned it on my blog yet.

I've been using the Opera browser since the version that crashed a lot (I think it was 5.0 or something) and I'm using 7.51 now (yeah, too lazy to upgrade) and I love it.

I love the lightweight browser, that Google is so easy to access, that I can load web pages faster by choosing not to display images, that it allows me tabbed browsing (yes, I know other browsers do too) and that it loads pages faster than other browsers I've used (empirical data based on my experience only). In short, I love it.

The only thing that stinks (and this is not Opera's fault) is that some sites won't load properly on Opera. Yahoo Mail, Hotmail, Google Mail are a couple of the more famous ones. I'm using Avant Browser to type this blog and it runs on top of IE. If you like IE, chances are you'll love this one. I've tried Mozilla once but somehow it didn't convince me to switch. I guess I'm just used to Opera.

Yes, I run Opera's ad version and I run it asking it to identify itself as IE 6.0 but who cares? It serves me well and I like it the best. Try it out, you might like it too. I even convinced an Internet cafe owner to load Opera on all his machines by just mentioning it to him. Honest!


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