Monday, June 06, 2005

Book tagging

I got an email from a fellow writer and book-lover, Amrit, telling me that he's book tagged me and I went, Book tagged! What's that?

Turns out that quite a few bloggers are doing this book tagging thingy. You can read more about book tagging at Balancing Life, Indian Writing, and Duck of Destiny.

It's pretty interesting--you write about your books, the books you read, the top 5, and so on. That's what I am going to do anyway, since that's what I figured. Here goes.

Total Number of Books I Have

About a hundred and twenty maybe, but I've never counted. I have this CD affliction as well, so the money is split between the two. Plus, I am a poor freelance writer. (Heh, heh!)

Last Book I Read

Robert Masello's Writer Tells All, Insider Secrets to Getting Your Book Published. It's a superb book that's funny and informative and a must-read if you want to know about the book writing and publishing process.

Last Book I Bought
Ah, just bought a two-volumes-in-one yesterday at Crossword, Red Dragon and The Silence of the Lambs (Thomas Harris). For Rs. 175 if you can believe it.

Five Books That Mean a Lot To Me

Does it have to be five? Anyway, here goes: (Sniff!)
  1. Writing Down The Bones, Natalie Goldberg.

  2. The Seven Day Weekend, Ricardo Semler.

  3. On Writing, Stephen King

  4. First Things First, Stephen Covey, Roger Merrill, Rebecca Merrill

  5. Tuesdays With Morrie, Mitch Albom
(Yes, I know. I read a lot of non-fiction.)

Five Bloggers I'd Like To Tag
  1. Unsaid Words

  2. Hash: Frankly Speaking

  3. Pot Puree

  4. !_!_!_! (Yes, 'tis the blog name)

  5. Indigo Warp

This was fun!


At 5:06 am, Blogger Sibyl said...

I like your selection! I've read all except the Seven Day Weekend (but I did read and like Maverick).

Head over to my blog for my list.


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