Sunday, June 05, 2005

Songs when your cell is busy

What's the deal with people making you listen to a song when their phone is busy? If you haven't been a victim, you're lucky. I tried two numbers a couple of days ago, and I got songs both times. The first time was a song I didn't recognize and the second was a song that I did. Irritated me both times.

Thing is that when I hear a song instead of a person's voice, it makes me wonder if I dialled the correct number. That makes me feel stupid. I don't know about you but I don't like feeling stupid. Then, I have to wait while your song plays and I get charged for the call. That stupidity thing again.

And, if it's a song that I don't like, I might really get pissed off. If I am a customer, that's not so good for business is it?

After the song, the lady's voice tells me that your phone is busy. Why couldn't you tell me this before?

Give me a voice mail where I can leave a message. I don't want to listen to your songs.

---Updated on June 11th 2005---

An extremely reliable source (my friend, who refused to be quoted, and who develops applications that help telecom operators do this song-listening thingy) informs me that when you hear a song (it's called Ring Back Tone (RBT), you dolt Percy) only the person who you call gets charged. You don't get charged when you hear the RBT. There's that stupid thing I'm feeling again, but this time it's justified.


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