Wednesday, November 02, 2005


Disclaimer: I am a fan of Jodie Foster.

Flightplan is an interesting movie. It's a bit choppy in the beginning but is otherwise taut and doesn't really let up. The story, as you must've already read, is about a woman who loses her daughter on a flight from Berlin to New York. The problem is that nobody remembers seeing her daughter and nobody believes her. Is she delusional? Is she telling the truth? What happened to her daughter?

Though Namrata Joshi, the Outlook magazine movie reviewer, didn't like the movie much, I did. It's an entertaining movie and it's worth watching. Jodie Foster pulls off the role well and you're not sure if she's just an anxious mother or just delusional. Is it an Oscar-winning performance? Nope, but it's definitely believable.

The great part was getting a look at the aircraft, which looked simply superb. I'd like to travel in that aircraft.


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