Thursday, April 07, 2005

Boss, you were great

I finished up with my full-time job last week (Thursday, if you're really interested). It was interesting to wake up the next day and wonder about not going to the office. Okay, so I went and watched Million Dollar Baby (the 10.45 show), but let's leave that alone for a while.

When I made the decision to leave my job and freelance, the hardest part of the decision was telling my boss. (I call him boss but he's never been a boss and I don't want to identify him by name at this point!)

It was hard because working with him has been the best time I've had at work, ever. We talked about everything under the sun, we exchanged books, articles, he encouraged me to do new stuff (learn mind mapping, take up blogging, among about half a million other things)-- in short, it was a wonderful relationship.

The best part of working with him was that he never told me what to do. He gave me suggestions, but he also left it open for me to do what I wanted. As I told him just yesterday, 'You give people enough rope to hang themselves if they want.'

He gave me freedom to explore other stuff. And, even if I messed up, he told me but with no trace of anger or irritation. If I had an issue or a problem, he listened without rushing to speak or make judgments. I used to call him (without disrespect to Gautama Buddha) Buddha sometimes!

I learnt so much from him about software, about working, about people, about life, I'll need to write a book to tell you everything. Let's just say that he made me a better person.

I've read books or essays where people talk about someone as their friend, philosopher, and guide, and often I've wondered how they can call someone all of that. (Okay, I rolled my eyes too, because that's become such a cliche).

Well, for me, he's been my friend, my teacher, and my guide. I hope that you've had someone like this in your life--it's an enriching experience.

No matter how many times I say it, I can't express the gratitude that I feel.

So, (ex) boss, this is just to say that you were great. Thanks.

PS: I know my ex-boss is going to read this, but I've been meaning to write about this, and I had to do it!


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