Monday, April 11, 2005

Starting a blog and reading blogs

If you're not too familiar with blogs and RSS feeds and the whole deal, here are a couple of nice blog entries (what else?).

Michael Hyatt, who writes a nice blog called Working Smart, has written a nice introduction piece called How to Start a Blog. He writes:
After reading my new blog, a number of Nelson employees have told me they intend to start their own blog. Several have written to me, asking how to get started. So, rather than continuing to repeat myself, I will outline the process here. It's actually easier than you may think.
And, he posted another one called How to Read Blogs where he points to another entry, How to Get Into Blogs, 101, where the blogger, Stephen O'Grady writes:
The purpose of this post is to give the many people who still haven't gotten into blogs - i.e. not my regular readers - a simple, step by step example of how to dip a toe in the blogging waters. I talk to multitudes of people - whether they work for ISVs, enterprises, PR firms, or the neighborhood general store - who:

a.) have little idea what blogs are and are all about
b.) aren't convinced that they should care
c.) don't really know where to start with blogs

I'll try to address A and B here a bit, but mostly focus on C.
If you read these two articles, you'll get a decent start on blogging.


At 9:49 am, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Alternative #23343: Click Get Your Own Blog on the top right of this page. Three steps and you're there.


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